Remington clothing is functional and comfortable; it is made of high-tech materials that allows you not to think about additional equipment.

Pro Heat

ProHeat is a premium class insulation. It has high breathability. It is hypoallergenic and safe for the skin. Hi-tech technologies were used in developing of the fiber that allowed to imitate natural down. ProHeat is a composite insulation. It consists of microfibers that hold air and fibers of large diameter that increase its’ volume. It provides high heat insulating properties per weight unit and compact appearance of the product. ProHeat has a big advantage – it is completely waterproof. All of the products with this insulation greatly restore their form after compression and deformation.

Сlimatic Extreme

Climatic Extreme is a highly waterproof breathable material. Three layers system consists of outer textile, membrane and lining. Membrane provides the main properties of the material. Climatic Extreme is a very thin fluoroplastic membrane that has a very large amount of holes per square unit. Those holes are very small in size, therefore, water molecules in vapor form are passing through the membrane, however, water drops due to their larger size do not.

Сlimatic Pro

Climatic Pro is a membrane that provides protection from wind and weather. Due to absolute windproof and maximum vapor permeability, products with Climatic Pro will longer keep comfortable state in different weather conditions and activities. Climatic Pro is perfect for intense outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, etc. in any weather conditions.