Demi-Season Hunting Suit Remington Night Coyote

• Water resistant
• Breathable

- 15 different pockets

- Hidden Signal Tapes for Passive Protection

- Insulated, removable hood with mosquito net

- Dense fabric protects elbows and knees from abrasion

- Adjustable cuffs

- Anti-slip strap on the shoulders

- The bottom of the trousers has a special skirt that protects against snow and insects

- Ergonomic fit 

The demi-season Remington “Night Coyote” costume will be perfect for any type of holiday. It is made with innovative technology of insulation, which gives it the opportunity to be both warm and light at the same time. Costume consists of an upper jacket, semi-overalls.

Jacket has a removable, adjustable drawstring hood with a small visor. The hood is fixed under the chin with a special Velcro flap. The jacket is fastened with a zipper and a windproof valve with Velcro. For greater comfort, the main lining is made of soft and warm fleece. The sleeves are equipped with internal elastic cuffs with Velcro straps which you can adjust.

The semi-overalls have a free, not constraining movement cut. High back protects you from cold air. Elastic at the waist allows you to securely fill the sweater.

Model number:
RM 1031-905
100% polyester
Climatic Pro
Pro Heat
Water Resistance
Water Resistance
Used in suits, it is waterproof and steam discharged. Water resistance can be from 10,000 mm water column.
Because of the membrane with a steam structure, the fabric has high vapor permeability and does not remove water like poreless membranes, but water molecules.
Wind Protection
Wind Protection
Laminated fabric that excels in its consumer properties. The material provides comfort because of an ultra-thin polytetrafluoroethylene-based membrane, also known as Teflon, which is a windproof material.
Each square inch of the membrane has 1 billion micropores. Moreover, this fabric has a revolutionary structure continues to work even at extreme temperatures.
Heat Insulation
Heat Insulation
Keeps a comfortable temperature, has thermal insulation, made of high-quality synthetic fluff.
Synthetic insulation is used in outerwear, shoes and gloves.
Cold Protection
Cold Protection
Durable and high-quality material providing one 100% protection from wind and cold.
It is used for the manufacture of outerwear, which should protect people from any vagaries of bad weather, in addition, the material does not roll and does not rustle.
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